Six Mindfulness of Breathing [moved]

This page permanently moved to a new location Discovering Basic Natural Phenomena. *   Add the following in between 3rd and 4th practice of Five Mindfulness of Breathing. “3.5. Know the relation between the breath and another object.”

How to make your mind happy

1. Remember what you receive. (e.g. benefit or kindness you received in your life) 2. Thank the giver. 3. Wish the giver (well and) happy. 4. Intent to benefit the giver (or make the giver honorable). 5. Experience joy in the joy of the giver.

Five Mindfulness of Breathing

1. Know your breath. 2. Know the cause of your breath. 3. Know your breath from another angle. 4. Know the true nature of your breath. 5. Examine your mind that knows the breath whether it is reliable.

Eight Mindfulness of Breathing

1. Be aware of your in-breath and out-breath. 2. Be aware of your breath and your whole body. 3. Just be with your breath and your body. 4. Be aware of breath and joy. 5. Be aware of your breath and an urge. 6. Just be with your breath and the urge. 7. Be aware … Continue reading Eight Mindfulness of Breathing

Tour the real world for 1 minute

Step 1: Ready Sit upright and comfortable. Step 2: Arriving at the real world Start the timer for one minute and just be here and now. In other word, just be with whatever you are now experiencing as it is regardless whether you like or dislike. No need to chase what you like or runaway … Continue reading Tour the real world for 1 minute

Just Being

Just be here and now. No need to do anything.

Magnifying Glass Meditation

Like steadily focusing sunlight on a paper with a magnifying glass, steadily focus your mind on your breath.