Beyond Thoughts and Beliefs

Something Greater Than Truth When you break the thing that you believe as truth, you gain something greater. Escape A wise one escapes from the prison of his mind. An unwise one escapes from reality. Confined and Freed Those who can not go beyond the limits of their thoughts and beliefs are confined. Those who … Continue reading Beyond Thoughts and Beliefs


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Others are also right

You are right. Others are right in the same way you are right. Others who you think are wrong are also right in the same way.

A Frequent Flooding

A person who does not know the cause of frequent flooding of his room has to clean up the flooding each time flooded. A person who takes care of the cause ends the flooding.

Treasure in Trash Bin

Words that you rejected and dumped in a trash bin when some people spoke to you because of anger, disagreement, different viewpoints or other reasons can lead you to liberation and healing.

Silencing a fire alarm

Eliminating symptoms of life pain while leaving the cause is like silencing a sounding fire alarm without extinguishing the fire.

The Creator

The one who creates your life. The one who creates your misery. The one who creates your happiness. The creator is you.