Counting Your Breath

Count your breath with your fingers. Note: Count in-breath and out-breath as one. Count when your out-breath is completed. No need to do anything except counting. (e.g. no need to control your breath. No need to think or try not to think.)

Basic Mindfulness Techniques

Most Basic Be aware of your in-breath and out-breath. Be aware of the sound. Experience each of your body parts. (aware of sensations in each body part.) Experience your whole body. Be aware of everything you are experiencing in the present moment. Experiencing constant change in your breath (or in the present moment). Motion Be … Continue reading Basic Mindfulness Techniques

The Foundations of Mindfulness

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Anapanasati (安那般那念, 안나반나념) means mindfulness of breathing. It is the origin of breathing meditation. It is the simplest, direct, profound and time-tested meditation method.