How to practice mindfulness for beginners

First Practice

Just notice all your breathing experiences.

Note: Continuous awareness is the key skill. (It means continuous awareness of breathing experiences from the beginning to the ending of your one breath. It is like a cat watching every movement of a frog, which is waiting for an opportunity to run away from the cat.) The practice is neither thinking about breath nor quieting the mind nor trying to feel good.

Practice Guideline

  • Posture: You can do the above practices while sitting. Sit upright and balanced so that your body becomes relaxed and pleasant on its own.
  • Breath: Your breath is always natural breath. No need to force or withhold your breath.
  • Practice: Each practice session may last 5 to 20 minutes when you practice alone. Repeat the session if you like.
  • Reviewing: Writing down or sharing your practice experience with others will help you improve your practice.

More Practice

If you would like to try a few more practices, see More mindfulness practice


Mindfulness Questions and Answers

If you have more questions, contact the teacher.

What’s Next

Practice Together – practicing on your own is good but there is nothing like an experienced teacher and a community to support your practice.