How to practice mindfulness for beginners

First Practice

If you know how to start a fire with a magnifying glass, you can practice mindfulness.

Like steadily focusing sunlight on a paper with a magnifying glass, steadily focus your mind on your breath.

Note that focusing and steadiness are two key skills you are using. Focusing is about noticing the sensations of your breath. Steadiness is about continuous awareness from the beginning to the ending of your one breath.

Second Practice

Add one more skill to First Practice.

Know it is an in-breath while air is coming into your body. Know it is an out-breath while air is going out from your body.

Practice Guideline

  • You can do the above practices while sitting. Sit upright and balanced so that your body becomes relaxed and pleasant on its own.
  • Your breath is always natural breath. No need to force or withhold your breath.
  • Each practice session may last 1 to 3 minutes when you practice alone. Repeat the session if you like.
  • Writing down or sharing your practice experience with others will help you improve your practice.

More Practice

If you would like to try a few more practices, see More mindfulness practice


Mindfulness Questions and Answers

If you have more questions, contact the teacher.

What’s Next

Practice Together – practicing on your own is good but there is nothing like an experienced teacher and a community to support your practice.