Join online classroom

  • Step 1: Install Telegram app in your computer or phone.  Read more.  (if you already have the app, skip this step)
  • Step 2: Press this link  then press ‘join group’ button.


  • Please complete the above steps at least 2 days before the class start date.
  • When you are joining the online classroom, please use the same name that you registered for the class. If you haven’t registered, please register for this class at the venue before joining.
  • Once you joined the online classroom, you do not need to repeat the above steps.
  • Simply start Telegram before the class start.

Top Questions

How do I Get Ready for Class?

Join your online classroom at least two days before the class start date with your computer or smart phone, which you are going to use for the class.

What hardware do I need?

A computer or a smart phone with the Internet.

If you are using a desktop computer to join the class, you also need a microphone (or headset). A webcam not required.

What to expect from an online class?

The online class is similar to an in-person class. But we meet and talk on the computer or phone instead of in-person. Class materials may be shared on the screen. Class may also include mindfulness practices. It is a live online class.

How do I get the most from an online class?

A quiet room and a stable internet connection are helpful.

Have more questions?

If you have a question how to use your computer or phone, please contact your products vendor. If you have a question about the class or this website, contact the teacher.