Mindful Eating Basic Brief

1. Be aware of reactions in your body and mind. 2. Be aware of chewing movements. 3. Be aware of taste and taste change. 4. Be aware of pleasantness and desire. 5. Just be with the desire. 6. Chew and swallow food by your choice. 7. Experience joy. 8. Be aware of the mind that … Continue reading Mindful Eating Basic Brief

Mindful Eating Basic [doc]

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New Life Beyond Thoughts and Beliefs

This page permanently moved to a new location: Beyond Thoughts and Beliefs * * * Something Greater Than Truth When you break the thing that you believe as truth, you gain something greater. Escape A wise one escapes from the prison of his mind. An unwise one escapes from reality. Confined and Freed Those who … Continue reading New Life Beyond Thoughts and Beliefs

Basic Mindfulness Techniques

Most Basic Be aware of your in-breath and out-breath. Be aware of the sound. Experience each of your body parts. (aware of sensations in each body part.) Experience your whole body. Be aware of everything you are experiencing in the present moment. Experiencing constant change in your breath (or in the present moment). Motion Be … Continue reading Basic Mindfulness Techniques

What is Awakening

Awakening is the fruit of mindfulness practice. An awakening refers to an act of gaining the fruit (of mindfulness). See Also: Awakening: the Fruit of Mindfulness

Six Mindfulness of Breathing [moved]

This page permanently moved to a new location Discovering Basic Natural Phenomena. *   Add the following in between 3rd and 4th practice of Five Mindfulness of Breathing. “3.5. Know the relation between the breath and another object.”

How to make your mind happy

1. Remember what you receive. (e.g. benefit or kindness you received in your life) 2. Thank the giver. 3. Wish the giver (well and) happy. 4. Intent to benefit the giver (or make the giver honorable). 5. Experience joy in the joy of the giver.