How to Join the class on Skype

You can join the Mindful Lunch class by clicking on the following link (a few minutes before the class start time).

If Skype installed in your device:

  1. Press [Pick an app]
  2. Select [Skype]
  3. Sign in with your skype user ID

If Skype not installed in your device:

  1. Press [Don’t open] or [Cancel]
  2. Press [Join conversation]
  3. Enter your name
  4. press [Join]

Test Your Phone or Computer Before the Class

Please test your device (phone or computer) that you intend to use to join the class. (preferably a week before the class)

How to test: click the above link from the device and follow the steps.

If you encounter a problem, please download and install Skype (a free app) in your phone (or your device).

Equipment Requirements

This online class requires a smart phone or computer with internet access, for example:

  • smart phone (Galaxy, iPhone, LG, etc),
  • laptop,
  • tablet or
  • desktop computer with a webcam and speakers.

You will have a better learning experience with a larger screen than a smaller screen.

Note: This class requires a registration at the venue before attending.