Daily Words about Meditation and Living

Quotes and words about meditation (seeing) and living are posted at here (preview). For full access press here. Posted almost daily in two languages.   Related post: Mindfulness Quotes and Words from Sung

Spring Online Mindfulness Programs 2020

Due to coronavirus pandemic, all spring mindfulness programs are provided online. Spring programs will start very soon. If you’d like to attend, you are encouraged to register early. All online spring programs are free. Spring online mindfulness programs will include Mindfulness Essentials and Mindfulness Sessions. In addition, more programs may be provided in the spring … Continue reading Spring Online Mindfulness Programs 2020

Mindfulness Session (March 27)

Including silent meditation practice, and questions & answers. Instructions provided upon request. Date: Friday March 27 Time: 7 – 7:30 pm (Vancouver, Canada local time) Join this live session with your smartphone or computer (webcam not required). Live online programs are provided free and open to the general public to help people manage and improve … Continue reading Mindfulness Session (March 27)

Sunday mindfulness program update

Due to the pandemic, Sunday mindfulness practice and mindfulness talk are held on online instead of in-person until further notice. Click here for further detail or contact the teacher.

Mindfulness Helpline

Do you need help with your mindfulness meditation practice or its application (e.g. managing your life issues with mindfulness)? If you’d like to get help, contact the teacher with the following info: 1) description of the issue that you need help (or question), 2) your availability (e.g. weekday evening, weekend morning), and 3) your time … Continue reading Mindfulness Helpline

Counting Your Breath

Count your breath with your fingers. Note: Count in-breath and out-breath as one. Count when your out-breath is completed. No need to do anything except counting. (e.g. no need to control your breath. No need to think or try not to think.)

Highlights for spring 2020 mindfulness programs

Update: In-person programs are either postponed or pending by the venue due to the coronavirus pandemic. However online programs are not affected and will continue. See Spring online mindfulness programs 2020. Mindfulness Essentials is taught at three locations in Vancouver. Mindfulness (weekly sessions) is provided in Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam and White Rock. (consisting of practice … Continue reading Highlights for spring 2020 mindfulness programs