Spring Online Mindfulness Programs 2020

Due to coronavirus pandemic, all spring mindfulness programs are provided online. Spring programs will start very soon. If you’d like to attend, you are encouraged to register early. All online spring programs are free.

Spring online mindfulness programs will include Mindfulness Essentials and Mindfulness Sessions. In addition, more programs may be provided in the spring depending on registrants’ preferences and needs (for example, Retreat, Mindfulness for Life, Mindfulness Talk and/or Mindful Eating).

This one time registration will cover all the spring online programs. All the spring online programs are free. To participate the online programs, participants will need a smartphone or computer. The date and times of the programs are not yet decided at this moment but registrants will be notified as soon as the information is finalized. While registering, you can specify your preference for dates and time for the programs, for example, day time or evening time. Your preferences will be taken into consideration when finalizing spring programs.

Registration Steps

  1. Install Telegram app. Detail (or without installing it, visit: web.telegram.org and sign in)
  2. Press this link.
  3. Send a text message “register for spring programs” (if you have preferences, you can mention in the text message.)

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