Mindfulness Questions


What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness refers to being aware of something. Mindfulness also refers to the capacity of the mind for knowing. Mindfulness can also refer to other things and can be interpreted in various different ways. To know mindfulness, it is best to experience for oneself.

What is awakening?

Click here for the answer.

How do I know I am doing right (mindfulness of breathing)?

Check to see if you experience one or more of the followings: breath becomes deep/long on its own, body becomes relaxed, and mind becomes peaceful, free & pleasant.

How soon does it happen?

Just one breath is sufficient.

How do I know whether I am aware of my breath or thinking about it?

If you are knowing the physical sensations of your breath that is constantly changing from moment to moment in the present, you are aware of your breath. If you are remembering your breath or imagining a breath, you are thinking about the breath.

What should I think during meditation?

No need to think anything.

How to stop thoughts?

Trying to stop thoughts is a common beginner mistake. Learn to meditate correctly instead.


Should I bring my attention back to my breath over and over when thoughts repeatedly come?

Thoughts had to come to you over and over because of reasons. Knowing the reasons helps you more than repeatedly running away from the thoughts.

What are the side effects of mindfulness?

An incorrect use of mindfulness meditation can result in undesirable effects. One can meditate to relieve or eliminate the symptoms of life pain without addressing the cause. Then the cause remains and continues to create more problems in life. It is like silencing a fire alarm without putting off the fire.

How to block all the sound during meditation?

No need to block. Just be with it. Sound is a useful meditation object.

How do I know I am meditating right?

Check to see if your meditation is making progress or being stuck.


See also: The signs of progress in meditation. The signs of stagnation in meditation

How to deal with a distraction during meditation?

Learn from distractions such as automatic thoughts or sounds, especially when you can not avoid them. They will become your good teachers.

However, they are useless and become distractions to you when you do not know how to learn from them.

How do I see my mind?

Just see. It is like the way you see (are aware of) your breath or body.

How do I know my mind is operating properly (or reliably)?

Check to see if there is a contradiction in knowing in the mind.

How do I reduce stress at work?

You get stress when you go to work for money. You get joy when you go to work to benefit people.

How do I get rid of my anger toward someone?

See the good side of the person.

How do I get rid of an unwanted memory?

An unwanted memory is a good teacher. When you learn from it, you lose the unwanted memory.

How to deal with endlessly many thoughts during meditation?

Use a right meditation technique correctly.

Why is meditation difficult?

When you do it in a way that is difficult, it is difficult.

If I am in the present moment all the time, how do I plan for my future?

When you are thinking about the future, know that you are thinking.

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