The Ten Contradictions

The ten contradictions that prevent our minds from seeing things as they are and cause pain in our lives.

  1. Believing to know what one does not know.
  2. The body is here while the mind is elsewhere.
  3. Wanting no pain while doing actions that will bring pain.
  4. Wanting what one can not have.
  5. Cherishing oneself while not cherishing others.
  6. Coming into this world empty-handed and received so much but discontent and not even knowing what received.
  7. Acting as if one will live forever while heading to death.
  8. Wanting to gain from others but have no interest in benefiting them.
  9. Seeing faults of others while blinding to one’s own faults.

Believing a viewpoint of oneself is correct while believing viewpoints of others are wrong.

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