We Awake

It is about the fruits of mindfulness practice, the insight that mindfulness practice leads us to. It aims to help you discover and harvest the fruits from your mindfulness practice.


Table of Contents

Awakening  1

What lead us to awakening  1

What lead us away from awakening  1

I Overdose  1

Teachings are everywhere  1

The Three Powers  1

In the Dark  2

Two Kinds  2

Miscellaneous  3



Seeing (or knowing) what truly it is.


It is a pen and not a pen at the same time.

It is a pen when you see in that way.

It is not a pen when you see in that way.

It is neither a pen nor not a pen.


He is good and bad at the same time.

He is good when you see him in that way.

He is bad when you see him in that way.

He is neither good nor bad.


It is pleasure and displeasure at the same time.

It is neither pleasure nor displeasure.


We are alive because of death of others. If they didn’t die, we wouldn’t be alive.


Everything is here. Everything is useful only if you know how to use them.


We are always touching the universe. All our ancestors here. Chickens, cows and fish are here too.


We get fruits of our actions. We are having fruits of our past actions, and will get the fruits of our actions.


What lead us to awakening

Knowing why you are here.

Knowing why you’re reading.

Knowing why you’re thinking.


Knowing why you are breathing.

Knowing why you like or dislike.

Knowing why (you think) it is a pen.

Knowing why he/she is good or bad.

Knowing why things are the way it is.


Knowing how to use what you see what you hear and what you have in your mind.

Knowing what truly it is.

What lead us away from awakening

Believing to know something you don’t know.

I Overdose

Just like too much vitamin A in the body produces harmful effects, preoccupation of I my me mine produces harmful effects.

Teachings are everywhere

No teaching is higher or deeper than what you’re currently seeing whether it is a tree, an ocean, sky or a bird.

The Three Powers

A great power is the ability to just see phenomena (as they are).

A great power is the ability to make a free choice rather than be chosen.

A great power is the ability to see what truly is rather than what you think is.


These powers are a genuine life changer with the inner transformation (called awakening), liberating us from pain such as craving and delusion.

In the Dark

A man is sleepwalking. He is unaware of it.

His body and mind operate without his permission. He is unaware of it.

He lost in touch with his body and lost in touch with the present moment.


A man has eyes and ears but can’t see and can’t hear.

A man does not know he is eating while eating.

A man does not know he is walking while walking.

A man does not know he is thinking while thinking.

He eats and thinks and walks without his free will, is like a servant or machine.


When you are in sleep, you don’t know you are in sleep. When you’re not mindful, you don’t know you are not mindful.


A man insists that he is right and others are wrong.

A group of people sitting in a circle take a photo of the sunflower in the center. A man insists only his photo is correct while the photos of others are wrong.


A man believes a thought of a bird is a bird. The man is like believing a photo of a bird is a bird.


A man doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.

A man believes to know something he does not know.

A man who never has seen any color due to his blindness or never open his eyes believes to know colors.


A man keeps pressing the break pedal in his car and complaining about his car not running. He never considers trying the other pedal in his car, believing that is a wrong pedal to press.


A man is living like a vending machine.

A man is living life like a machine that diligently seeks pleasure.


A man is angry.

A man blaming others.

A man is unhappy.

A man takes poison and expects to be healthy.

A man prays for his good health and then taking poison, days after days, years after years.


A man wants to take all the good things from the world and give all the garbage and unwanted things in return.


He sleeps in the night and sleep in the day. He dreams with eyes open. He dreams with eyes closed. He dreams that he is already awaken. He continues his dreaming and sleepwalking.

Two Kinds

  • Two Ways: A way to the light. A way to the darkness.
  • Two kinds of life directions: Heading to awakening. Heading to sleep (obliviousness).
  • Two kinds of life destinies. One learns to become free. The other becomes a learning example.
  • Two kinds of people: One wants to awake. The other wants to remain in sleep.
  • Teachers and learners: one teaches other by living example (of painful life). The other to learn from the person.
  • Two ways of knowing. Accept the words of others. See for yourself.
  • The two kinds of knowing: Knowing something that can be defined by words or Knowing something that can not be defined by such means.
  • Two ways to have money. Follow money. Let the money follow you.
  • Two ways to have pleasure: Seek pleasure. Let the pleasure come to you.
  • Two kinds of workers. One who follows money and the other whom money follows. The former gets stress and anxiety while the latter gets joy.
  • Two kinds of people: Living in freedom. Living in (invisible) prison.
  • Two kinds of teachers. The one teaches to benefit learners. The other teaches for his gain.
  • Two kinds of food: A food that was produced to benefit the eater. The other food that was produced to benefit the producer.
  • Two kinds of pleasure: A pleasure that leads you to liberation. The other pleasure that leads you to pain.
  • Two kinds of eating: It will benefit you when you eat. It will harm you when you eat.
  • Two kinds of money: A money that benefits you when you possess. The other money that harms you when you possess.
  • Two ways to deal with a problem. symptoms or causes.
  • Two kinds of teachings. Leading you to the liberation. Leading you to the other direction.
  • Two kinds of actions. An action leads you to pain when you do. The other kind of action leads you to liberation when you do.


What you see is because of what you don’t see.

Life is possible because of death. Death is possible because of life.

Knowing truly what is power.

There is no enemy to hate or fight. (If someone insists in finding one, it is an error in the mind.)

See pain in pleasure. See pleasure in pain.

What you see is what you are.

You can see as much as you are capable of seeing.

Pain is a great teacher. So are lairs, thieves, wars and climate change. Teachers keep coming until the lessons are learned.

Everyone is important, doing its own essential roles in this world. They were here and are here because the world needs them.

It is better to live one day in the light than to live hundred years in darkness.

The truth is in front of your eyes.

The person in front of you is speaking the truth.

Both your friends and your enemies (the people you respect and the people you despise) speak the truth. However you can not hear the truth from your enemy when you are not awake.

All you see is a pen, when you are not awake.

It is not beneficial to either believe or disbelieve (accept or reject) this writing. It is beneficial and wise to see for yourself.


Written by Sung Yang in 2016.  (Update in 2017)

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