Choosing Private Lesson Method

Choose private lesson method

Please choose the private lesson method A) or B).

A) Over telephone

No special equipment and no internet required. You can take the lesson with any telephone.

B) Over the Internet

You can communicate with the teacher face to face. You will need a computer or phone with internet access. Any one of the following devices is required:

  • Tablet
  • Lapto,
  • Smart phone (e.g. Galaxy, iPhone)
  • Desktop computer with webcam and speaker

Let the teacher know your choice

For your lesson arragement, please contact the teacher with the following info at least 3 days in advance of the class:

  • your choice of the lesson method: A) over the telephone or B) over the internet
  • your name (which should match with the registration)
  • the date & hour of your lesson (you registered)

Note: If you haven’t registered yet, please first register for the private lesson at the venue as early as you can. Each lesson is limited to only participant.

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