A Half Day Mindfulness Retreat in Surrey on Oct 16 Sunday

You are invited to leave the often-frenetic, stresses and worries of your life behind and join one day mindfulness retreat. The mindfulness retreat provides an uninterrupted opportunity to practice mindfulness for a half day long period. Also this retreat provides a friendly social opportunity to meet other practitioners to share and learn. Have a day of mindfulness to learn how to identify and stop automatic mental activities and to discover and experience richness of present moment as well as to learn and practice the art of the mindful living. Bring your lunch for mindful eating practice. This retreat is particularly suitable for beginners. All levels of experience are welcome.

The seat is limited. To reserve for this retreat, send an email to class at learnmindfulness.org.

• 10:00 AM – Instructions
• 10:30 AM – Sitting and walking
• 12:00 PM – Lunch.
• 1:00 PM – Mindful Movement
• 1:30 AM – Sitting
• 2:00 PM – A discussion.
• 2:30 PM – End.

Some of the following techniques may be practiced during the retreat: Mindfulness of Breathing, Mindfulness of Sitting, Mindfulness of Walking, (Mindfulness of Sight while Moving), Mindfulness of Hand Movements, Body Scan, Mindfulness of Mind, Mindfulness of Mental Contents,) 8 Mindful Breathing, Mindfulness of Mental Activities, Mindfulness of Hunger, Mindfulness of Feeling, Mindfulness of Wanting, Mindfulness of Eating, Mindfulness of Washing Hands, Mindfulness of Drying Hands, Mindfulness of Qigong, Mindfulness of Yoga, Mindfulness of Listening, Mindfulness of Speaking, Mindfulness of Gratitude, Kindness Practice, Objectless Mindfulness Practice.

• Some participants may be very sensitive to scents and fragrances. Please refrain from using scented products at the retreat.
• Be sure to bring your lunch for mindful eating practice.

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