How to start a mindfulness group

Here are a few tips how you could start your own mindfulness group.
  • Who: Decide who will participate. Two persons are enough to get started. You could start with your friend (,co-worker, classmate or family member).
  • What: Decide what to practice. E.g. sitting, walking, eating, tea drinking, mindful qigong, insight sharing, See program examples
  • When: Decide what day/time to meet. (Meet regularly at the same time.) For example, every  Monday 7 PM, every Sunday 8 AM, or every Wednesday noon.
  • Where: Decide where to meet.  A public place or private space depending on needs and availability. (for example, an unused meeting room at work, a class room, a shopping mall, a park, library, restaurant, cafe, school, community center, art center, your home or online)


  • If your group does not have an experience practitioner, invite an experienced practitioner whenever possible to your practice gathering.
  • If your group is open to the general public and wish to invite others to participate, you can post your group practice schedule on this website.

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