Mindfulness practice experience by Eij

Recording mindfulness practice experience can be useful for novice mindfulness practitioners. Eij recently began to practice mindfulness in her daily living. Eij recorded her mindfulness practice experience in writing. Her writing is a good example for other novice mindfulness practitioners. The followings are Eij’s writing:

Mindfulness while walking
Birds chirping
Crows cawing
buses noisy
Machine – droning at work
Cars swishing by in the rain
Rain drops on my umbrella
Slacks rubbing together
Planes overhead
Dogs barking

Mindfulness while cooking
Knife striking the chopping board as I cut garlic.
Noisy rice as it is  poured  into a measuring cup
Water boiling as it heats up
The sizzling of the meat in the frying pan
Dinning of the timer bell
The snap of a lid opening a can
The almost silent dishcloth as it glides over the counter.
The gurgling of the chicken broth when I shook the can
The rustling sound of a tin as I opened it.
Crunch of frozen onions being cut

Mindfulness while walking (2)
The sound of the the cord moving in and out of the dogs leash
Crunching of leaves as I walk over them.
Wailing of a firetruck as it speeds down King George
The drone of an aircraft flying overhead
The rustling of the leaves being blowing by the wind
The sound of wind as it blows past my ears
The sound of cars breaking at a red light
The grinding of gears from a dump truck

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