Mindfulness is not what you think

An excerpt form an article by Mary Ann Christie Burnside.

It’s a way of learning about how our minds work and coming to understand that we can’t control our minds any more than we can control other people. Our minds are always thinking. That’s the nature of the mind. Automatic mental activity: Thinking, thinking, judging, judging, thinking, judging, thinking and so on. Most of the time, we act on these thoughts (automatically), many of which are inaccurate or simply untrue.

Once we start observing our mind – paying attention to it with present moment awareness – we notice how quickly thoughts come and go. We stop relying on our thoughts as truth. We also begin to develop an open spaciousness around whatever’s happening. This spaciousness helps us lessen the resistance we naturally have toward unpleasant events and helps us slow down or stop our natural urge to seek or to cling to pleasant events.


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