Mindfulness to rescue a doctor from stress

Doctors are well-motivated to look after their patients but not very good at looking after their own wellbeing says BBC:

Dr John Wynn-Jones, a former GP (general practitioner, or family doctor) at Montgomery surgery in Powys and a founder of the Institute of Rural Health, took early retirement. 

He said: “I had a bout of depression. I was effectively burnt out. “Doctors are always handling other people’s problems, but are notoriously bad at asking for help and helping each other. “I took early retirement, a year early. I found it hard to cope with the limitations of a 21st Century health service which lacked funds. “But since then mindfulness has helped turn my life around. “It teaches you to live in the moment. Sometimes people dwell on the past and live in the past, but living in the present is the only part of out lives which is real, and mindfulness teaches you this. “Mindfulness gives you a framework and puts the past in a proper perspective and gives you a balanced view. “It also allows you to handle stress and anxiety.

source: BBC

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