Common Questions for online classes

What to expect from an online class?

The online class is similar to an in-person class. We meet and talk but not in-person but on the computer or phone. Class materials (text and images) may be shown on the screen.
It is an effective and convenient way of learning. We save our time in commuting and save some greenhouse gasses as well.

How do I get the most from an online class?

A stable internet connection and a quiet room are helpful.

What hardware do I need?

A computer or a smart phone with the Internet.

If you are using a desktop computer to join the class, you also need a microphone (or headset). A webcam not required.

What software or apps do I need?

You do not need any special software if you are using a computer to join the class. (Alternatively, you can use Skype, which is a built-in software on most modern computers. )

If you’re using a smart phone to join the class, you need Skype, which is a free app by Microsoft. If the app is missing in your phone, your phone will automatically install the app for you with your permission when you’re about to enter the online classroom for the first time.

What if I am late to the class?

If you arrive late to the class, just press ‘Join’ button, which is located in the upper side of your screen after entering the online classroom. You will be connected to the live class session.

Note: The pressing ‘Join’ button is a must if you arrive late to the class. Otherwise you can not hear anything from the class and the teacher. The teacher also can not hear from you until you pressing the button.

Where is the classroom?

Click on the link provided in the class description. The link will take you to the online classroom.

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