Mindfulness as Therapy

The following information is an excerpt from the article “Mindfulness as Therapy: Your Personal GPS”:

Where are you right now? 

Not metaphorically, as in ‘where is your life right now?’ Or ‘where is your head right now?’ Or even ‘where are your thoughts?’ 

Take a look around you. Where do you find yourself in this very second? 

And then zoom in even closer, from the external to the internal. To the very body you occupy inside this moment. 

How does it feel to be here? To be you in this moment. 

It lifts us out of autopilot and rescues our experience from the slipstream of the everyday grind. It lets us dive in and connect with the minutiae of our existence anytime we want. It helps us live deliberately – NOW. To see, sense, smell, taste, experience our life. As it is. Without judgment. 

So even if you’re generally feeling down or stressed, if you mindfully check-in with yourself and actually see what you notice just now, moment by moment, you may find that there’s also islands of reprieve from the pain. Pools of clarity. That the grip of sorrow or pain might not be quite so fast or constant as it might first have seemed. That other qualities can exist alongside it, too. (Similarly, mindfulness can also help with physical pain). 

And in western culture, which embraces ideals like ambition and individualism and ‘success’, it can be tempting to live a bit like this. To always be living slightly ahead of ourselves. (To be leaving ourselves behind in a way). 

But perhaps mindfulness can offer you a different kind of GPS. A way to find where your life is unfolding just as it is, moment by moment.

source: http://blogs.psychcentral.com/therapist-within/2010/09/mindfulness-therapy-your-personal-gps/

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