Mindfulness at Walmart in Surrey (Sept 11, 2010)

Although our bodies are in a store, our minds are often not in the store. So we often miss what is happening here-and-now.

Shopping in a store provides a unique opportunity to practice mindfulness. In this informal mindfulness class, you will learn how to practice mindfulness and bring your mind back to the store in the present moment. We will learn and practice how to practice mindfulness while shopping in a Walmart store. The mindfulness practice allows you to discover and experience richness of present moment. So that you enjoy more of your shopping activities and convert your time and mundane activity into an opportunity to learn and enhance your mindfulness skills.

This is an informal mindfulness class intending to teach mindfulness techniques which you can use in your daily living. Instruction provided. Free to participate..

  • Time: Sept 11, 2010, 3 PM
  • Location: Walmart at 88 Avenue in Surrey

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