Practice Plan

Name _________________ Date from _______, to _______


Example 1:


Mon: see the breath in a different angle

Tue: see the cause of the breath

Wed: see the true nature of the breath

Thu: the 5 awareness (breath, pleasantness, unpleasantness, likes, dislikes)

Fri: mindful movement

Sat: mindful eating

Sun: mindful nature walk


Practice Guideline:

  • Practice mindfulness of breathing
  • (Multiple) short sessions. (when practicing alone)
  • Participate group practice weekly and retreat monthly or quarterly.
  • Discuss with other practitioners or journal discoveries. (e.g. the dominant experiences, likes, dislikes)
  • New practice plan each month.



Example 2:


Mon: lying down meditation

Tue: the 5 awareness

Wed: standing meditation

Thu: good fortune

Fri: mindful movement

Sat: just watching news, sporting game or movie without siding with one or the other.

Sun: mindful nature walk


Example 3:


Mon: goodwill (metta)

Tue: present moment experience

Wed: seeing what truly it is

Thu: calming urges

Fri: driving meditation

Sat: day of noble silence (no talking, no thinking)

Sun: power walk


Example 4:

Mon: seeing pain in pleasure

Tue: seeing pleasure in pain

Wed: knowing having fruits of your past actions

Thu: posture awareness

Fri: standing meditation

Sat: gratitude

Sun: mindful nature walk


Example 5:

Mon: seeing mental state: likes

Tue: seeing mental state: dislikes

Wed: seeing mental state: restlessness

Thu: seeing mental state: delusion

Fri: the 5 parts of the self (material, consciousness, perception, feeling, mental formations)

Sat: lying down meditation

Sun: power walk


Example 6:

Mon: seeing true nature: fetter

Tue: seeing true nature: 3 obstacles

Wed: seeing painful and liberating actions

Thu: seeing I overdose

Fri: mindfulness of common experiences

Sat: day of noble silence (no talking, no thinking)

Sun: mindful nature walk


Example 7:

Mon: touching the world

Tue: touching my past actions

Wed: listing meditation

Thu: speaking meditation

Fri: mindfulness of dominant experiences

Sat: day of noble silence (no talking, no thinking)

Sun: power walk


Example 8:

Mon: knowing the cause of the mental chatter

Tue: seeing PP reactions

Wed: seeing I-overdose

Thu:  seeing two kinds of actions

Fri:  seeing fetters

Sat: day of noble silence (no talking, no thinking)

Sun: mindful nature walk


More Practice Examples:

  • sight change
  • seeing mindscape
  • seeing why it is pleasant
  • seeing why it is displeasure
  • seeing why it is a pen
  • seeing why it is good
  • seeing why it  is bad
  • body elements
  • body parts
  • mental state: dark, bright, content, discontent, happy, unhappy


When itching: be with the itchiness in peace.

When other urges/cravings: calming the urge (without suppressing for 1 min or less).

While walking, chewing: intentional movement (freedom exercise).

While doing an action: knowing it is painful or liberating action.

Upon seeing an object: Know what it is. (If the mind says something, know why. If don’t know, know don’t know)

When wanting something: Know why you want.

When liking something: Know why you like.

While listening: realize that he/she is correct. (If you don’t know, know don’t know)

On speaking: Set your intention to benefit the listener(s). Know your motivation while speaking.

Arising of an automatic thought:

  • Know why it came. (e.g. your past actions, If don’t know, know you do not know.)
  • just a photo
  • thoughts are occurring (not thinking) – e.g. vending machine

Waiting at the traffic light, checkout or on the phone: one mindful breath


Written by Sung Yang in 2010.  (updated in 2017)

The above are some examples of beginner’s practice plan, which are intended to use with guidance from a teacher. Contact Sung if you’d like to learn more or need personalized practice plan. 

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