Mindfulness Practice Plan

Weekly Practice Plan (example)

Mon: OMB (one mindful breath)

Tue: mindful movement

Wed: mindful eating

Thu: goodwill

Fri: just looking

Sat: just being

Sun: mindful nature walk

Practice Guideline

  • Daily: Practice mindfulness of breathing
  • Weekly: practice together with others.
  • Discuss with other practitioners or journal discoveries. (e.g. actual experiences, new, the same and the dominant experiences/insights)
  • New practice plan each month.


Example 2:

Mon: know why mind is restless

Tue: be with the itchiness in peace.

Wed: intentional movement while chewing.

Thu: know why it is a pen.

Fri: mindful eating.

Sat: just watching news, sporting game or movie without siding with one or the other.

Sun: power walk


Example 3:

Mon: 5 mindfulness of breathing

Tue: knowing mind

Wed: walking meditation

Thu: knowing having fruits of your past actions

Fri: lying down meditation

Sat: day of noble silence (no talking, no thinking)

Sun: standing meditation


More Practice Examples:

5 parts of self, 3 obstacles, power walk, doing for all, new knowing on new day,

driving meditation, posture awareness, dominant experiences, calming urge for scratching, calming urge for food, mental state, gratitude, UP Reactions, what truly is, know the cause of the desire, know why thought came, thought occurring rather than thinking, day of noble silence (no talking, no thinking), day of doing nothing, retreat (for days/months/years), …


Written by Sung Yang in 2010.  (updated in 2017)

The above are some examples of beginner’s practice plan, which are intended to use with guidance from a teacher. Contact Sung if you’d like to learn more or need personalized practice plan. 

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